Support for New Artists

The Frax Foundation and the Miguel Hernández University have signed an agreement to co-operate in the application of Joint Education Programmes between both entities.

These programmes have as main aims the realisation of greater integration between theory and practice, the inclusion of professional research and practice in the learning process, the creation of a teaching staff which stimulates activity, initiative and effort aimed directly at the students, and the incorporation of integral learning methods with technical know-how.

A Royal Decree of 2007 establishes the common general guide-lines of study plans for official university degrees valid in the whole of Spanish national territory. This establishes the possibility of validating practice sessions carried out with companies and such-like entities on a student’s university curriculum.

These programmes have long been established in other economically advanced countries, whose universities have achieved a greater degree of social integration. In general terms, the basic aim of this educational system is to bring about the integral formation of the university student by way of an educational programme that runs parallel between the University and an established company, combining both theory and practice.

Students will basically carry out practical work in the setting up and dismantling of exhibitions and the cataloguing of works to be held in the Frax Foundation, as from when the aforementioned agreement is signed.

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