Our Special Moments

Throughout the life of any self-respecting institution, there are special moments that remain in the memory of those who participate directly or indirectly in its daily operation. In the Frax Foundation those moments have been many throughout our 40 years of history; it could seem that almost as many events as we have welcomed in this period.

However, and since referring to all of them would be too long, we have decided to choose three of those special moments, perhaps some of the most outstanding ones and those that raised the most excitement in their day.

One of those moments was the inauguration of the room “Pedro Delso”. Being attended by authorities and relatives of the painter, this inauguration was the beginning of a unique exhibition offer in the Region of Valencia, both for its size and for the quality of the facilities. Another of those moments was the inauguration of the room “Ramón de Soto”, which was inaugurated by himself. The last one that we would like to mention is the visit of the Norwegian sociologist and mathematician Johan Galtung, one of the founders and most important protagonists of the research on peace and social conflicts.

Naturally, as faithful witnesses of these major events, there were the cameras to attest it.

(Translated by Marina P.B., intern)