Museum of Tourism

Being aware that the tourism industry is the first economic sector in the province of Alicante and its relevance in the Costa Blanca, the Region of Valencia and in Spain in general, the Frax Foundation considers appropriate to consolidate a proposal on tourism as the main subject. This proposal consists of the development of the Museum of Tourism, an initiative presented in 2010 that arises as a response to the absence of an entity, physical or virtual, that brings together information regarding the history of this key sector.

It is a project widely supported by the sector, as can be seen in the commitment and collaboration that institutions such as the University of Alicante or the Tourist Board of the Costa Blanca, in addition to the travel magazine Viajar, maintain with the Museum of Tourism.

The first activity undertaken with this objective has been the creation of the web, within the virtual platform of the Frax Cultural Foundation. The creation of this space is intended to show the history and evolution of tourism, breaking down in a clear, didactic and pedagogical way the ramifications on which it has been sustained and promoted: destinations, transport, communication, the hospitality industry, sales channels, etc.

The Frax Foundation is working every day to nourish the Museum of Tourism, unique in the world, as a forum for debate and research dedicated to an activity of vital importance and to which, even today, it is not given the importance and social recognition it deserves.

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(Translated by Marina P.B., intern)