The Frax Foundation is a private, cultural and non-profit foundation which aims to promote culture, arts and science in all its forms, in particular those that contribute to the promotion of Tourism as a factor of impulse and improvement of the Economy and Culture, through its Museum of Tourism and Travel.


Among its aims is “the promotion of research, development and innovation in the tourism sector” and “the promotion of knowledge of the tourism sector in society, as a factor of economic, social and cultural development”, for which, among other activities, will promote “the creation of awards, contests and scholarships that promote culture and tourism”.


Therefore, and as a tribute to the sociologist and urban planner José Miguel Iribas Sánchez, who passed away in 2015, the Frax Foundation announces the second edition of the “JOSÉ MIGUEL IRIBAS” AWARD TO TOURIST KNOWLEDGE. This award aims to recognize, on the basis of its originality and quality, those works of research, studies, esseys, theses, etc., that promote a better knowledge of tourism, especially those that give value to its positive impact on the economy, wealth and the creation of jobs, as well as on culture and the environment.


(Translated by: Marina P.B., intern)