Friends of the Frax Foundation Association

The Friends of the Frax Foundation Association, created by Foundational Act on 28th April,2009, is a private initiative which brings together both private individuals and corporate bodies, united in the desire to take part in the development and boosting of the Foundation which now opens its doors to us, this by creating a range of various activities.

The Association’s aims are to promote, stimulate and support those cultural, artistic, scientific and tourism activities, in the widest possible sense, which have a connection with the mission, objectives and aims of the Frax Foundation.

To this end, we need the collaboration of all those people whom we consider should play an active role in the social enrichment that is inherent in culture, such as happens in the great European and American capitals, where society makes an active contribution to helping their museums and cultural institutions in general to thrive.

An e-mail address has been set up by way of which one can contact the Association :

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