Colección Propia





Blardony Portrait of Girl with Box                     Mixed/Canvas
Caneja Village. Landscape                              Oil/Canvas
Corrales Still Life. Bunch of Grapes Oil/Canvas
Corrales Still Life. Basket of Grapes and Ceramic Bowl Oil/Canvas
Cossío Still Life. Table and Flowers               Oil/Canvas
Lozano Window over the Sea                          Oil/Canvas
Picasso Ladies with a Gentleman                     Lithography
Valdivieso Reclining Female Nude                      Oil/Canvas
Emilio Varela Landscape. Ladder with Palm Tree                      Oil/Canvas
Emilio Varela Landscape. Window with tree Mixed/Charcoal
Vázquez Díaz Nude on a rock  
J. Díaz Ferrer Basket with two fish  
Sempere Luminous planes                                 Ink /Paper
Sempere 2 circles and 2 squares Ink/Paper
Domeneq Struggle with the rampant lion Mixta/Lienzo
G. Rueda Collage in green, pink and ochre            Fine cardboard
Olaurtúa Night scene. Montmartre O/T
“Jo” Female nude on blue background Oil/Canvas
“Jo” Spider crab Watercolour/Dye Paper
M. Vázquez Portrait of Brothers O/T
M.Vázquez Portrait of mother and son O/T
A. Frax Landscape with dead tree Watercolour/Paper
Grau Sala Lady at her dressing table Watercolour/Dye Paper
J. Díaz Ferrer Landscape with bridge O/T
S. Sidorovicz Portrait of a lady with necklace O/T
S. Sidorovicz Portrait of a lady with hat O/T
Paris 60 Landscape in dreams with candle Dye/Paper
Paris 60 Landscape in dreams with fields Dye/Paper
Palazuelo Geometrical Labyrinth Lithography
Tormos 78 Collage in black, ochre, lilac and blue Fine cardboard
Alicia Sunflower with mountains and clouds Oil/Canvas
Corrales Egea Still life. Basket of grapes and bowl Oil/Canvas
Corrales Egea Still life. Lemon, bread and Jug Oil/Canvas
Corrales Egea Still life. Melon and blue plate Oil/Canvas
Miralles Composition in black Gouache
José Caballero Gibraltar Mixed/Canvas
Antonio Quirós Pile Oil/Canvas
Francisco Lozano Gateway to the sea Oil/Canvas
F. Farreras Pozuelo Collage no. 836 Mixed/Panel
Díaz Ferrer Caught by the bull S/D
J.D. Ferrer Still life with skull Oil/Canvas
Bores Chaisse Devant une Table Oil/Canvas
Hernández Pijuán Five Horizontals Oil/Canvas
L. Berdejo Elipe Two female nudes Oil/Canvas
Martínez Novillo Landscape: Dunes and Sea Oil/Canvas
Julio Le Parc Modulation 375 Acrylic/Canvas
Emilio Varela Ladders with Palm tree Oil/Canvas
Delgado Boy Smoking Mixed/Canvas
Manuel Rivera Transmutación Mixed/Panel

23 more works are in the process of being catalogued