The President

The Frax Cultural Foundation in the Region of Valencia is “a private Foundation of a cultural nature whose aim is to give impetus to Culture, the Arts and Sciences in all their different expressions, in particular, to those which can contribute to the boosting of tourism as a means of developing and improving the economic and cultural aspects of the Region of Valencia”.

This declaration of intentions is the basis for a whole series of projects which the Foundation will carry out in the pursuit of those aims, excluding no type of activity – exhibitions, conferences, concerts and whatever other type of cultural event serves this purpose; this can include prize presentations and the awarding of scholarships – providing always that the aim is to further the reach and impact of tourism and its effect on our economy and culture.

Using the Foundation’s Central building as the seat of our activities, we hope to receive, to bring together and to make known artistic tendencies and cultural creation as the basis for awareness and recognition of the Foundation as a cultural and economic guiding light in the Region of Valencia. This is, without doubt, an exciting experience which we hope to be able to share with all the people of the Region of Valencia, transmitting it at the same time to those who are beyond our borders. This website is one way of achieving that aim.

Matías Pérez Such