Frax Foundation Central Building

The Frax Foundation is housed in an outstanding, modern, avant-garde building located on the seafront in the Albir beach area, right in the middle of the Bay of Altea yet belonging to the town of L’Alfàs del Pi, in the province of Alicante.

The building is set on an urban plot almost 10,000 sq. metres in size and has been designed as an all-purpose pavilion. Its main entrance is dominated by a wide flight of steps from which an enchanting view out towards the beach and the sea is gained before one enters into the wide, light-filled hallway of the Foundation’s theatre of operations.

At ground level can be found car parks and garden areas which allow for the performing of open air productions, including by night, as well as rows of commercial premises with direct access from the streets which surround the Foundation building.

On the first floor is a large reception area which lends itself to all kinds of public acts such as presentations and cocktail parties, but can be used, besides social get-togethers, for the housing of itinerant exhibitions.

This floor, considered as being the Frax Foundation’s “espace noble”, is where the Main Exhibition Hall is to be found, called the “Pedro Delso” Room in honour of this recently deceased artist. It has a surface area of more than 1400 square metres, and is equipped with the very latest in air conditioning and security systems. This makes it one of the largest and best exhibition rooms in the Region of Valencia, offering enormous potential to avant-garde artists and their work.

There is a small Auditorium on the same floor with a capacity of some 150 people, equipped with up-to-date technology as regards its digital projection and sound systems: the imagery and acoustics are excellent. The Auditorium is undergoing the finishing touches which will allow it to be used for a variety of audio-visual activities which will be complementary to the planned Exhibitions.

There is also a Room, which like the rest of the building is translucent with natural light, which will serve to house itinerant exhibitions and works by up-and-coming artists. The rest of the first floor of the building is made up of offices, meeting rooms, storage and archives.

This Seat of the Frax Foundation was opened on 17th November, 2009 with the exhibition “The Ellipse of Time: a Space for Meditation” by the sculptor Ramón de Soto, the inauguration ceremony being presided at by the Head of the Region of Valencia government, Francisco Camps.

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